Sunday, November 6, 2011

Countdown to Thanksgiving: 18 days

Today I'm Thankful for Imagination.

My little fam is battling a cold and none of us felt tip top this morning when we woke up.  Instead of infecting our whole neighborhood, we decided to stay home and have a pajama day.  It was quite nice to watch movies, and play games and relax and rejuvenate for the day.

I have witnessed so much imagination today and it makes me very happy

I followed four hobbits, a wizard, an elf, an unbeknownst king, and a dwarf go on a quest to throw a ring into a fiery volcano to save a world created in the mind of a man in the early mid-century 1900s.

I listened to a four year old have a conversation between dinosaurs about math.

I watched a three month old discover her hands and toes and wonder about them.

 I was flooded with hundreds of great ideas from people all over the world/country via the internet when I finally joined Pinterest.

It was quite a good day, and imagination sparked it all.

"Imagination is not a talent of some people, 
but is the health of every person."
 -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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