Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Countdown to thanksgiving: 2 days

Are you all cooking yet!? I'm spending a good chunk of time today in the kitchen preparing for more cooking tomorrow and then lots of reheating and cooking on Thursday!!!

Anyway, I didn't blog last night because I was so dang tired for something I'm grateful for: GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!

A group of us went to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1 last night. We went and had some yummy Mexican food before and then went to the movies. It was so much fun. The best part though, is when I got home. I guess Astrid had her grouchy pants on last night and barely had fallen asleep when I got home. Well, I walked through the door and started talking to Cooper and BAM Astrid is awake and wanting me. So I fed her and when she was all full Marcus had a nightmare. Coop went in to take care of him and Marcus asked for me. So I went into his room and laid on his bed and we cuddled. It was so nice and so sweet. He was so happy I was home.

You would think I wad gone for a week instead of just a few hours, but it's so nice to feel so wanted, loved and missed. A few hours away is so good for my mood!!! Pin It

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  1. Love the song that comes up. . .reminds us to really be grateful! I wish I could eat at your table at Thanksgiving! I know it will be splendid.


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