Monday, August 29, 2011

Still around...

It has been a busy month.  We have been in our own world, population: 4.

We have been cuddling.

And Making faces.

We have been hanging with Big Brother...

And buying a double-stroller...(!)

We took the first bath...

And drinking way too much. (milk.)

Needless to say, we are very...



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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Astrid Nicole is here!

Hello Jaunt-Reading Family and Friends!

We have exciting news here at the Jenson Jaunts! 

Astrid Nicole Jenson 
was born on August 3, 2011 (her due date!) at 6:41pm
weighing in at 7 pounds and 12 ounces, and measuring 18.5 inches  
she is PERFECT and we love her so much!

Wanna hear the story?!  Awesome.  Because I have come to share.
(its kinda long, so grab your popcorn...)

Well, on August 2nd, (the day before she was due) Marcus and my mom (who is so awesome!  She came and stayed this past week with us so that we didn't need to worry about Marcus while we were off having a baby at the hospital!  She has been so great helping us out! -thanks mom!-) went with me to the grocery store.  I was big, uncomfortable and SO DONE being pregnant.  Seriously.  I felt like I was going to be a medical marvel and be pregnant forever as my due date got closer and closer.  Anyway, in the car, I asked Marcus (who was right about mommy having a "baby in her belly" and about how that baby was a "girl baby" by the way!) WHEN his baby sister was supposed to get here. 

"Tomorrow?  ...Okay, well, when tomorrow? Tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon?"
"Tomorrow afternoon."

hmmm..... I didn't believe him.  I didn't feel like my body was going to go into labor any time soon.  I was having no contractions, no "signs" of it happening.  That night, I went to bed expecting to be pregnant for a while. 

I woke up at 5am having contractions.  I started timing them and they were coming every 5 minutes.  I thought for sure that this was the beginning.  Getting excited, I put on some comfy pjs, and then they stopped.  DANG IT!  I was discouraged and went back to bed.

Cooper got up and started getting ready for work and I told him about my 5am let down.  Then, they started happening again, but really irregularly.  I didn't want to do much, so we turned on Alice in Wonderland in our bedroom and watched.  Cooper went off to work, and I assured him I'd let him know if I started having regular contractions.  Well, while watching Alice have tea and paint roses, I started to get them a bit more regularly.  They were still quite random, 15 minutes apart, 5 minutes apart, 9 minutes apart, 2 minutes apart, 20 minutes apart...  I had plans to go meet with some women in my church that afternoon, so I decided that I would take a shower and see how I felt.

15 minutes apart, 10 minutes apart, 3 minutes apart, 8 minutes apart, 5 minutes apart, 10 minutes apart....

I dried my hair, did my makeup and put on a comfy dress in preparation of going out that afternoon, but I sent a message to my friend who I was going with and let her know that I **might** be in early/pre-labor and that I **might** not make it that afternoon.

10 minutes apart, 7 minutes apart, 8 minutes apart, 5 minutes apart, 10 minutes apart...

I decide to let Cooper know that I was still contracting and asked him to come home early just in case.  I started having to "focus" through the contractions.  They were also starting to get painful I kept timing them on my iPhone, and they were still irregular, and they lasted longer.  I started to have to "dance" through them and move my hips rhythmically that helped with the pain.  My mom was so great, keeping Marcus busy playing outside and letting me be alone.

7 minutes apart, 9 minutes apart, 5 minutes  apart, 4 minutes apart, 7 minutes apart, 8 minutes apart...

I let my friend know that I wasn't making our meetings, and I kept dancing through my contractions.  I start packing a bag to take to the hospital.  Cooper got home around 3 and they stated getting pretty painful.  Coop was right on top of helping me through them. Whenever I had a contraction, he would push on my lower back/hips and helped me focus on the timer so I would know when they were almost over.

4 minutes apart, 2 minutes apart, 7 minutes apart, 3 minutes apart, 5 minutes apart...

At about 4:30 I had cooper call my doctors office.  My doctor and I had decided beforehand that laboring at home as long as I felt comfortable or until my contractions were 3 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute each, for 1 hour was a great plan, because I was wanting a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and was planning on having a natural delivery.  Well, I honestly didn't think I was in active labor.  Yes, my contractions were painful now, and I was working through them, but at the same time, I could carry on a conversation, I was downright congenial and cracking jokes in between them.  I thought going into labor and delivery now would mean I was only a few centimeters dilated, and I was (almost literally) tying myself to the hospital bed for a good couple of hours, which is NOT a good idea when you are trying to have a natural birth.  You need to MOVE!

Anyway, I get on the phone with the nurse, and tell her what’s going on.  My contractions are ranging from 3-7 minutes apart and they are lasting about 40 seconds…a few are longer lasting a minute, and that I was wondering WHEN I should go to Labor and Delivery… Well, she recommends that I take two Tylenol, and take a warm bath and see if they continue or if they get closer and more regular. 

I take her advice, run a nice comfortably hot bubble bath and settle down with my iPhone and keep timing…

3 minutes apart, 5 minutes apart, 4 minutes apart, 4 minutes apart, 2 minutes apart, 7 minutes apart….

I get out of the tub and I know that we need to go to the hospital soon.  Cooper loaded the car with the bags we were planning on taking, and then we started heading to the hospital at about 5:30.


Headed to the hospital.
 Thank goodness it was BETWEEN contractions,
otherwise it would not be nearly as happy of a face!

Thank goodness there wasn’t traffic.

I stopped timing my contractions about now.  There was no need.  They were coming fast and hard…

2 minutes apart, 3 minutes apart, 2 minutes apart…

Driving was not so much fun.  At home, Cooper could physically help me through each contraction.  In the car, it wasn’t possible, it was all mental now, but still Cooper was so great helping through them and letting me hold his hand as hard as I wanted with each one.

“You are doing so great baby.” 
“Keep it up.”
“Almost there.”

At a little after six o’clock we pulled up to the Women’s Pavilion of the hospital and I JUMPED out of the car.  I walked as fast as I could through the doors to Labor and Delivery and waited at the counter. 

“My name is Melanie Jenson.  I am in active labor, we have pre-registered, I need a room now.  I’m having a VBAC.  A planned VBAC.  My doctor is Watts.”


This one was it…

“I NEED a room now.  I need to push NOW!”

Funny thing: on Wednesday nights at six o’clock, you can have a tour of Labor and Delivery.   While this was happening, there was a tour RIGHT BEHIND me.  I think it’s SO FUNNY because I probably scared every last pregnant woman there.  HAHA!  (oops!)
I got put into a room and I didn’t even have time to put on a gown.  I took off my undies (with Cooper’s help, got on the bed and the nurse checked me. 

“10 centimeters and 0 station.  She needs to push.”

This was it.  We were going to have our baby.  Like... NOW.

I got there so fast the doctor on the floor was named Dr. Wolff.  Dr Watts wasn’t available to come in in time and that his back-up doctor, Dr. Lamb, was coming to deliver the baby.  Let me tell you, Dr. Wolff was a BUTT.  He came in and started telling me to “breathe through the urge to push”. 

Um.  Ya right, doc.  Those words should be against your Hippocratic Oath.  For real.

So, our nurse was named Jackie.  SHE WAS AWESOME!  If somehow she comes across this blog and reads it, I want her to know that she was the best nurse I have EVER had in my life.  I kept saying, “I’m going to push!  I’m going to push!” and while Dr. Wolff (the butt) was sitting there on his little stool next to the bed with his arms folded across his chest telling me about all of the dangers of having a VBAC. (Um.  I got it doc.  I know what I’m doing.  I’ve been planning this WITH MY DOCTOR the whole time.  Save me the lecture please… especially now when I NEED TO PUSH!)  I kept saying, “I KNOW!  I NEED TO PUSH NOW!” and Jackie held up one of my legs and said, "Okay!  So push!"

Luckily, Dr. Lamb came in just in time.  He came in and I have never been so happy in my life to see someone that I had no idea who he was.  Haha!  He introduced himself and was ready to deliver our baby! 

Cooper was so great.  He helped me through every push and before I knew it, Astrid was born!  It felt AMAZING.  I know that sounds like I’m lying through my teeth, but it was the most amazing feeling in the world to have her.  Dr. Lamb put her on my chest and Jackie (remember my awesome nurse?) cleaned her off. 

I kept saying, “I did it!  I did it! I did it!”

That was at 6:41 pm.  About 20 minutes from when we got into the hospital room.  It happened so fast.  Cooper called my mom and she was AMAZED that Astrid was already here.

Holding Astrid right after she got cleaned up.  She was perfect.
(Notice how I'm NOT wearing a hospital gown... there was NO TIME to put one on!)

Sweet baby girl is HERE!

I have heard lots of people say, “You know, you don’t get an award for having a natural birth, just get the epidural and be done with it.” (Or worse to me, “Just get the a c-section, and then have your baby and be done.  It’s so easy!”)

Let me tell you.  If we have more children, this is totally how I’m doing it.  It was SO GREAT.  My favorite part of the night was when Jackie the amazing nurse was talking to the nursery nurse looking over Astrid and said to her, “Precipitous Delivery.  VBAC.  Natural.  Those three words don’t go together.”  It made me feel like superwoman.  I did it, and the labor and delivery nurse who does deliveries all day long was IMPRESSED with ME!  That was my award, thankyouverymuch.

Recovery has been easy peasy.  Seriously, piece of cake.  I was wheeled to recovery and there my mom came with Marcus who was SO EXCITED to meet his baby sister!

Maddi came right then too!  It was so great because she was leaving for California the next day.  We were so hoping that she wouldn't miss Astrid's birthday!

While they were visiting, Astrid got hungry and started crying.  Marcus didn't like it very much. 

We were discharged 24 hours later.  Astrid is such a happy baby, she nurses so well and is not grouchy at all unless she is hungry.  (And that is an inherited Jenson trait…)

Anyway, that is my awesome story of how our daughter, Miss Astrid Nicole was born.  She is pretty rockin’, and everyone here is pretty much in love.  I think we’ll keep her.

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