Monday, February 6, 2012

Wake Up!


This blog is in major desperation for some good ole keyboard lovin'.  It needs more pictures and more stories and more posts!  I'm so sorry dear reader that it has not been updated in practically a month.  Where has this month gone!?  Moving is stressful, yo!  I haven't had the time to curl my hair, let alone sit down and blog about it.  

But, we are all {mostly} moved in.
The house is {mostly} in order.
And I am still {mostly} sane.

Anyway, I KNOW this blog needs some love... and what a better way than a great surprise! 

Das finde ich toll! {I think that's great!}

How sweet is that?!  We are the proud recipients of the "Liebster Blog Award"!  Given to us by our oh so amazing fellow Mormon Mommy Blogger:  Mom, the Intern.  If you haven't started following the adventures of Jenna, Dill, and their two minis, Bubby and Smush (you seriously should take a minute and click this link and see her pretty minis!), you are missing out!  Jenna is one of the best mommy bloggers I know and I'm proud to call her a friend!  Her blog is great with posts about her life along with posts about current events too.  She is great and will keep you guessing about what you are going to learn next with every post.  :) enjoy.  

So, now is time for your German lesson.... 
which is pretty funny considering I don't speak German!  Please dear reader, no comments about my bad German from people who *actually* Sprechen Sie Deutsch.  {mmmkay?!}

"Liebster" is German for "dearest", "beloved" and "darling" {It's also for boyfriend and sweetheart... but we are going to ignore that fact, unless there is some news that Jenna wants to share with me...?} and it's quite fitting for the month of February... blogs I love. :)  

The great part about this is that I get to turn around and give the award to five other bloggers...

BUT, FIRST... Here are the RULES for the award:

1.  Acknowledge the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them. 
2.  Give this award to FIVE other bloggers who have FEWER THAN 200 readers.  let them know through a comment on their blog.
3.  Post this wonderful award on your blog.
4. Bask in the glory bestowed upon you and appreciate all the amazing bloggers out there.  

So, my five winners are:

1. Katie D:  Ok, this one might be cheating because 1. I don't know how many readers she has, and 2.  She has more of a "site" than a "blog"... but I'm going to give it to her anyway because it is AWESOME!  There is a host of yummy recipes and Aquaponics (growing plants in water with out soil) and in case you have a tech-y side she even has a section with information about different web browsers, and extensions you can use. :)

2. Be Grateful (formerly What's Cookin?): This is my dear friend Kat's family blog.  She and Trav just had the sweetest baby boy via homebirth.  She is a fellow crunch-momma and I love her SO MUCH.  She is such a great writer.  Right now on her blog she is doing "12 this for 2012" and it is SO great to read.  Her theme this year is "Be Grateful".  I'm loving every post. 

3.  Mama Bell's Blog:  Connie is my former Relief Society President our neighborhood church when we lived in Utah.  She such an amazing woman.  Her blog is lots of fun tidbits about her family, and she posts about her quilting!  She is an amazing seamstress who makes beautiful handmade quilts.  I love going on and seeing her fun quilts and reading about what is going on in her life.  She is such a great woman and I love her so much.  When I grow up I want to be like Connie. <3

4. The Staten's:  This is a family blog of our good friends Paul and Annie.  They have a sweet baby boy named Connor (that I blogged about in, Heart of the Matter last February).  We just recently found out that they are expecting TWIN GIRLS and we couldn't be more excited for them.  She hasn't updated in a bit, but I'm hoping this will spark some blog love. :)

5.  A Day With KT: This blog is my AWESOME FRIEND Katie's blog.  She has some fun posts about her and her husbands fun doings!  I love reading and seeing pictures of their sweet puppy kenobi! :)  

So go read!  

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