Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dinner Success!

Today we had quite a DE-LISH dinner tonight.  I literally had no clue what I was going to make, threw it together and it was AWESOME. Because we ALL (even Marcus!) liked it so much I am going to share!

2 tablespoons Olive Oil
1 Whole Sweet Onion
1 package of Whole Mushrooms
About 7-10 Mini Sweet Peppers (pictured below)
2 tbs Butter
4 Andouille Sausages (We got the kind from Harmon's... They were so yummy!)
3-4 tablespoons Honey Dijon Mustard
1/2 teaspoon Paprika
1-3 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce (to taste)

Slice the onions, mushrooms and peppers, in thin slices.  Heat olive oil over high heat in a large heavy bottomed pot or wok. Pour ALL of your veggies in and let sautee for a few minutes til barely soft.  Then add your butter.  Meanwhile, slice your sausages.  Add the mustard, paprika, and Worcestershire sauce, and mix well, then add in your sausages.  Mix well and cover.  Let cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally until your sausage slices are cooked through and your veggies are nice and soft.  Serve immediately topped with some cheddar cheese if desired. Enjoy! :) Pin It

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Dentist Rocks our Socks... again!

So, today I look in our mailbox and there is a bright blue envelope...

"hmmmmmm.... what could this be?"  I ask myself...

I open the envelope and it reads:

Thank you for being the awesome Facebook Fan that you are!  We Appreciate You!  

...And this falls out!

Molarman Saves the day AGAIN!


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Someone thinks I'm Stylish!


Cool Beans!
Well, my awesome fellow blogging momma (who has much more entertaining blog posts than I do... I totally admit that...) Jenna, aka Mom. The Intern. thinks so... pretty snazzy!  I'm so excited!  I've never gotten a blog award before! Thanks Jenna!  Go check her out.  She is GREAT! :)

Apparently my prize is to link this snazzy black box to my board via google picture search, and share seven secrets with my blogging audience, and then choose seven others to get such an awesome blog award!  Whoot! secrets huh?

Ok... Um...

1.  I could live off of Pasta Roni... Granted, I'd be a big huge tub-ball from eating nothing but refined carbs, butter and olive oil... but man... mmmmmmm... I looooove it.  I could never make a sauce from scratch that tastes as delicious as theirs.  As someone who considers herself a pretty dang decently good cook...that is lame and embarrassing!  lol!

2.  I listen to Catholic Radio on SiriusXM in the car.  I'm mainly out and about running errands between 12 and 4... during those times there are two shows that I really do enjoy.  The one from 12-2 is "Across the Nation with Bob Dunning", a news show that discusses news issues from a Catholic point of view.  As a journalist, Bob is really great at presenting issues and we tend to agree on quite a few things.  He is really balanced and fair and often plays the devil's advocate and allows his listeners to call in and state their points of view.  He is great.  The other show I listen to is "The Catholic Guy with Lino Rulli".  This show is SO FREAKING FUNNY!  Lino's show is so funny. Its just a basic radio talk show...they talk about everything and sometimes they play games when the listeners can call in, like "Are you smarter than a bad Catholic?" and they do trivia between the caller and one of his regular co-hosts.  Anyway, if you need a laugh, Lino is great for that.  (He is also pretty funny on twitter, so you could follow him and laugh all day!)

3.  Lately, I've worn pjs more than my regular clothes.  If you want to see a look of surprise, come ring my doorbell around 11 on a day when I have nothing planned...sorry... hahaha.

4.  I'm an ideas person, not really a follow through person.  Its a fault that I have that I really hate... I always have the idea to fix it...but not the follow through! haha.  For instance, our guest room has a closet filled with what I call, "mommy world" its all off my crafting crap that I think I might use one day that never do... I also three boxes of fabric that I had cute ideas for that didn't ever make.  I'm trying to work on it though... or at least I think I am.

5. I'm shy.  I hate meeting new people because they probably think I'm so weird!  I get really nervous and talk and talk and talk about stupid things... and unless that person is a good listener, they usually just phase out what I'm saying... and I'm only saying it because I'm nervous!  I'm the queen of awkward conversations between new friends... or acquaintances... or the pizza guy...

6.  My Secret ingredient in everything is almost always butter... or, double vanilla.  If something tastes delicious at my house, it is probably because it has butter in it.  And a decent amount.  At least two tablespoons for the whole dish.... at least.  Butter makes everything better. (Except your thighs).  Also, if a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of vanilla, I'll add two.  At least two...sometimes more...  Every. Single. Time.

7. I have a love hate relationship with cleaning.   This probably isn't really a secret to anybody...well, maybe it is.  I LOVE my house clean, (duh, who doesn't dum dum?) but I hate doing it unless I plan my day around it.  I LOVE cleaning if I have a list of things that I know needs to be done.  It takes lots of motivation for me to get started, but then I start and I can't stop until the whole house is clean.  I love getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing my kitchen floor because for FIVE minutes, it's pretty...
        I'm like that with organizing too.  In the past few weeks I've been an organizing machine.  I've cleaned out four closets in  our house and put everything into these awesome little boxes from Ikea (2.99 for two of them that are small enough that they don't get heavy, but big enough to have thirty or so DVDs in them!) or separated it into big tupperware bins.  It's been nice because I want to show off my clean and organized closets, but really... It kind of sucks to be an organizing machine for things that people can't see... because then you look around and have no idea what consumed all of your time for the past few hours of hard organization work... unless you want to leave your closet doors open.  I HAVE gone into those clean, organized closets and just sat and looked at them for a minute or two...Whatever makes the weirdo happy, right?

Okay... now I get to choose SEVEN other bloggers that I think are Stylish... now you can play too... Here we go:

Drumroll Please...

Annie from The Staten's
 Mikah from Philipoom Phamily (In hopes she will blog more... c'mon girlie!)
Melissa from Shade of Grey (sorry people, this is private...)
Jessica from her private family blog (sorry again guys... sucks to be you who don't have an invite.)
Jessica from The Forever Mummy Blog 
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Halfway There, Baby!



That means the we are halfway there!  In 20 more weeks, baby

Astrid Nicole Jenson

should be arriving... or about to arrive... or (hopefully!) arrived already!  Her big debut is 20 weeks away!

Here is a photo from our recent ultrasound...
(Please pardon the horrid glare from my flash on my camera!  oops!)

Most Recent Belly Pic...

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Comes in Like a Lamb

Today is beautiful.  

The View Out of My Front Window
Fifty degrees... the snow is melting and the sky is clear.  The first day of March always makes me want to go do something outside.  Get out of the house.  Or stay in and start spring cleaning.  I woke up this morning and put on my cleaning clothes and got ready to scrub.  I can't wait.  I'm so weird like that.  Winter is almost over.  I love spring and it's right around the corner.  

Of course, its eleven and I haven't cleaned a darn thing yet... (does brushing Marcus' teeth after breakfast count?) Instead, I got distracted because I HAD to change my blog from Valentine's Day to March.  Bye bye red hearts.  Hello shamrocks.
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