Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thirty Days of Us: Day Eleven

Day 11- Another Picture of You and Your Friends

Cooper always makes fun of me for my "online friends". We have a private bulletin board that a handful of us all get on and talk about everything and anything. Now, they are not all just "online friends" because I've met a good majority of them! Here are a few pictures!

Kate and her two little girls Charlotte and Victoria, Jenna and her daughter Audrey, Melanie and Marcus, and Brittney and her daughter Maddy all at the Hogle Zoo Early in 2008.

Juls, Katie and Melanie (With Milo Soaking Up the Attention!) during Katie's Salt Lake City Visit March 2010

Melanie, Juls, Katie and Lacey at Katie's Wedding June 2010

Katie, Melanie and Kate at a Fun Sunday Lunch at Kate's House this Past Summer.

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