Monday, December 6, 2010

Thirty Days of Us: Day Twenty One

Day 21-A Picture of Something that Makes Me Happy

I am going to speak for all of us on this one.... This makes us ALL happy...

Yes... that is a map of Disneyland, folks. It is one place that we ALWAYS go EVERY time we are in California. I LOVE Disneyland despite the high prices, the thousands of people and the trillions of germs more than any place that we can go as a family. I love seeing Marcus' face when we meets Micky Mouse for the hundredth time. I love when Cooper and I get to go on Indiana Jones together while Marcus hangs with Aunt Maddi... I love eating their churros, and having cinnamon sugar goodness all down the front of my shirt. Anyway, I love that it is a great place where we are ALL so happy.

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