Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thirty Days of Us: Day Nineteen

Day 19- Nicknames You have and Why You Have Them (Part one)

Nicknames are the best! Here are a few of mine... I'll have to have Cooper come on today and explain all of his too!

Melanie's Nicknames:

Mel, Melly- Shortened Version of Melanie
Mel Rose- My name is "Melanie Rose" and my mum and family called me "Mel-Rose" growing up.
WaterMelanie- My mum had a friend named Lynn that called me that. She liked giving people fruit names I guess? She called my friend Ayla "Ayla Papaya".
Melicious -A nickname in Highschool that my friend Carrie called me. It sounds mean (MELicious and MALiciouis...) but it was out of love... I think.
Mel-Mel-Growing up my good friend Maeve and her family called me "Mel-Mel". It stuck and they still call me that. I actually call Maeve "Maeve-O" and probably always will. Even when we are both wrinkly and old.
Smelly Melly, Smell- My cousin Jessica and her family call me "Smelly Melly". Jessica is called "Messy Jessie". We have called each other that for as long as I remember! Since we have gotten older, it has been shorted to "Smell" and "Messy" or "Mess".

Marcus' Nicknames:

Marky- This is what some people call him... Mainly his cousins and some of our friends.
Marky Mark- His "uncle Ben" calls him that.
Bug/Buggy- One day he wanted to be called "Buggy" for the day. It stuck. I call him "Buggy" or "Bug" quite a lot.
Bubba/Bubbas- LOTS of us in his family call him either "Bubba" or "Bubbas" and we have since he was itty bitty... I think I still called him that when he was in my tummy.
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