Thursday, July 7, 2011

Craft Time! Baby Carseat Cover!

I am glad that we chose a unisex carseat... but I still wanted to "girlify" this one a bit.  I KNOW it's just a carseat, but in my head it's Marcus' carseat. Now it is getting passed down to Astrid, so I decided to make one of those groovy carseat tents that I've seen around.  They are pretty cool, and keep the sun out of baby's eyes, and let them have a dark place to sleep.  Plus, it keeps people away from touching your sweet babe with a brand-new immune system. :)

I LOVE this blog called "Make it Do".  It's filled with great tips and tutorials, and that is where I got this one.  It was so easy, I did it in about 2 hours from start to finish, including cutting, ironing, sewing and strap placement. :)  It's GREAT for a beginner sewer!  See the tutorial HERE -> Make it Do: Baby Car Seat Cover Tutorial.

Anyway, here is the carseat without the cover:

And Mr. Marcus enjoying it at three months old (Sorry, I just had to show off how dang tiny and cute he was... awwwww!) :

And here is the tent... I made it reversible! SUPER EASY!


And here is it on the inside:

Cute huh?!  Now go make one! :) Pin It

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