Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Astrid's Room!


AAAH!  I'm so happy.  If you remember, a while ago I posted about Astrid's Bedding being done!  Well, now, her room is done too!

(Hear that little girl?  Your room is finished... you have your own space now... you can come out now.  

So here are a few pics.

I pulled colors from her bedding to paint her "accent wall" and framed the fabric and some coordinating colors of her bedding to put over top of the painted rectangles.

accent wall

The frames are pieces of cardboard with fabric that matches her bedding stretched over them and then framed.  Super Easy. :)

I swear that dark square isn't black-- it's brown. :)

The pink blanket is one that my friend Katie made!  She's so talented, I LOVE IT!

(please don't mind the can of "feline-away" on the crib.  lol.
We are training Mao that the crib is a no no place!)
I made this mobile by getting a wooden wreath frame and painting it to match her striped bedding.  The dangle-ies are made with wooden crafting circles of various sizes, that I painted to match the floral print.  I glued two of them together on the end of a ribbon and threaded the other end of the ribbon through the pre-made holes in the wreath frame. The butterflies are also wooden ones that I found that conveniently already had holes in them that I could just thread the ribbon through. :)  

The bedding all done and in the crib finally! :)
We didn't like the dresser that went with the crib (or the $300 price tag!) so we picked one up on our local classified ads for 40 bucks!  It was black, so we had to sand it, paint it, and add new hardware, but I LOVE how it turned out. :) For a great tutorial on how to repaint a painted dresser... look here

The frame above the dresser is her bow board.  It's just a frame with fabric covered cardboard glued to it with ribbons stretched across taut to hold hair clips.  :)  I painted some clothespins white to hold all of her extra-headbands! Just clip onto the ribbon.

The cute picture frame on the right and the magnetic board behind it are from our good friend Susan Thompson.  She runs The Design House, and has a boutique with all sorts of cute stuff. :)  You can see her boutique HERE.

I LOVE the magnets on this magnetic board!  Cute bees and dragon-flies! :)
I need to get a picture of Mr. Marcus and Astrid to put in the frame...!

So there you have it friends.  Astrid's room... all done... finally.


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  1. Very cute! :) Love it and can't wait to meet Astrid!

  2. I love love love it. So happy it's all coming together. And YOU are talented too, missy. you're so great! love you!

  3. Love it! You did a great job, especially with all your thrifty, crafty finds! I love the pink and green color schene. And I'm glad you're enjoying the picture frame and magnet board I got you! I agree, it's definitely missing a darling picture of Marcus and Astrid, but you'll get a cute one soon enough:)
    xoxo Susan

  4. You did such a fantastic job on her room! I'll be hiring you for your talents when I have kids for sure. Haha! Glad she's here to enjoy it soon!


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