Monday, July 11, 2011

California Fun: July 4th weekend

We got to go to California for the weekend of July 4th!  It was so much fun to go and play on the beach and see Grandma and Grandpa!!  We had a blast... 

The first day we were there we took the ferry to Balboa Island and walked around.  We had lots of fun! :) 

So excited to See a firetruck! :)

Marcus watching the waves on the short ferry ride with Grandpa M.
Marcus and Grandma S on the Ferris Wheel

We went to eat cupcakes at Casey's Cupcakes Ever watch "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County"? (ya... me either...) Well, a star from the show Casey Reinhardt opened this cute shop in Laguna, and her cupcakes are pretty dang good!)


Washing it all down with some chocolate milk...

We played at the playground at Main Beach...

And had a fun beach day!  Marcus LOVED playing in the sand and getting splashed by the waves!

Please pardon the big pregnant-ness of me in swimwear!  HA!
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