Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Awesome Tuesday Website-Find

So, I found a great meal planning website!  Kitchen Monki.  Super freaking cool!

Lately, I have been in a "get organized" type of mood.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm pregnant and things just **seem** too hard right now.  (aka... no motivation... I'm TOTALLY blaming hormones on this one!) Anyway, I have also been a super-slacker in the kitchen.  Meal planning?  Um.  Haven't done that in over six months! (again... blaming being pregnant! haha!)  Anyway, when I plan my meals I'm always going through my recent magazine finds (LOVE Real Simple and Martha Stewart for those!) and my old-standby faves, which sadly, I keep in a massive spiral notebook with no rhyme or reason.  Then I plan what days to have what meals, write it all out on paper and then look through all the recipes for the ingredients I need and then add them to another shopping list which I then break down by store and then go shopping.  Well... No more.  I'm done.  Sick of waisting paper on planning my family's weekly meals.  So, I hopped onto an online community forum and found this pretty awesome site.

You can look through their saved recipes, or add recipes of your own, then scale it for the number of servings you want it to have.  The recipe-adder took some getting used to, but once I did It was quite easy! :)  Then you add them to your "Recipe- Queue" and then plan your meals... you can plan weeks in advance if you like!  Then, you can add your ingredients to your shopping list and print.  SO EASY.  I love... Seriously.  LOVE.

Go there.
Plan dinner.

For reals.

Go. www.kitchenmonki.com!

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