Thursday, February 3, 2011

So what DO you do all day?

Recently, we went on a Date Night with our good friends Paul and Annie.  We went to dinner at a yummy Indian place and then to get Boba Drinks, at a new coffee shop/hangout place, and then to a place called Laughing Stock in Downtown Salt Lake City.  It was lots of fun to watch my own "Whose Line is it Anyway" Played out on stage in front of me.  

If you are in the 801 and are wanting something to do on a night on the town and are not wanting to do a movie or something similar, Laughing Stock is a fun thing to do... good use of 11 bucks.  I'm sure that our sweet friends Paul and Annie didn't think I had much of a blast, but I really did.  (Sorry guys, I was grumpy, and exhausted.... it was after all way past my bedtime..!)

Of course in my I'm so exhausted not too much is funny right now state they decide to sing a song about someone in the audience.  READ: They Decide to Sing a Song about ME and Cooper.... sigh.  Me.  The conversation went something like this:

Announcer Dude: Ok, this song is going to be about someone in the Audience.... How about....this lovely lady right here!
Tired Melanie: Oh no.
Announcer Dude: Ok, What's your name?
Tired Melanie: Melanie.
Announcer Dude:  Hi Melanie.  And who is this man next to you?
Amused Cooper: Cooper.
Announcer Dude: Hi Cooper, and what do you do?
Amused Cooper: Well, I run a medical manufacturing company.
Announcer Dude:  You run a medical manufacturing company?
Amused Cooper: Yes.
Announcer (to Tired Melanie): Now, What do you do?
Tired Melanie: I stay home.
Announcer Dude:  You stay home?  Ok...And What hobbies do you have?
Tired Melanie: Um... I don't have any.
Announcer Dude: Um... Okay.. well, what is your favorite show that you watch while you stay home all day?
Tired Melanie: Um....Trading Spaces?

And then they continued with four guys singing a badly improved song about how boring my life must be staying at home all day doing nothing...

It was embarrassing...  Really embarrassing.  And now I just shared it with the world.  Sigh.

Well... Announcer Dude and the people who laughed at this boring housewife who has no hobbies... 

This is what I do all day...

I get to be three and a half.  

I make faces, and have way too much fun.  
I go on field trips.  
I get to color. 
 I get to dance around like nobody is watching... but someone is and he is three and dances along with me. 
When we are hungry, we get to have a snack.  
When we are bored, we make sock puppets, 
or sing songs, 
or play legos. 

We use our imagination....a lot.

 When we are tired, 
we can cuddle, 
or snuggle, 
or just lay on our big comfy couches and 
just take a nap.

I have way too much fun.  

That is something that I bet almost everyone in the audience laughing at me can't say.  Because they don't get to spend twenty four hours a day with a goof-ball three year old named Marcus.  

(I even sometimes get to pick my nose...)

And yes, I DO TiVo Trading Spaces... And we watch it... and it's awesome.

Take that.
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  1. What a doof! Of course stay-at-home moms don't do NOTHING all day. Sheesh.

    I think we need to come up with a new answer to that question. Like, "I'm the CEO of Foote Peoplemakers, Inc." or something.

  2. don't you dare say you have no hobbies. I would love to be HALF as talented and crafty and cute and fashionable as you are. So don't even go there!

  3. Can I just say that it's really hard to come up with something as a hobby when people are sitting there staring at you from all around and it's almost 11 and you've been up since 6:15?! lol...

  4. I just got the biggest smile on my face reading about your adventure with Marcus! I would have totally blanked too, don't worry! :) Us stay at home moms work dang hard, *so there* to those "laughing stockers" who don't get it yet! :)

  5. you should email this to them. you're a fabulous mom and don't let anyone tell you different!

  6. Oh Mel I just cried reading about what you get to do all day! You are the sweetest momma. Work it girl!


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