Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marcus and his Molar Man Adventures

Marcus went to the dentist yesterday.  It was his first time EVER going, and I think that we have found the right fit.  We go to Burg Pediatric Dentistry and boy are they awesome!  Their office is all themed around their very own superhero.  "Molar Man!"  New patients get to tell them the secret password (ssshhh... it's "molarman" in case you need to know!) and then they get a cape!  Marcus loved it so much he didn't take it off for two days-- except for sleeping.

Marcus and his cute dental assistant
after his first checkup and cleaning

Marcus and his Molar Man cape before his appointment today

While at the dentist, we found out that Marcus had (GASP!) a cavity!  It was so sad!  I was expecting it though, right in between his two front upper teeth.  So, we decided it needed to get filled ASAP.  We got an appointment scheduled for today.  We picked up a mixture of sedation meds and gave it to him an hour before the appointment.  They started to kick in on the way and Marcus kept telling me how happy he was.  "Mommy... I'm just SO HAPPY right now!"   and, "Mommy, driving is SO MUCH FUN!"

Good honey.  I'm glad you think so. 

So we got to the appointment and Marcus did so well!  They gave him some bubble gum flavored laughing gas and he got to watch Tarzan "on the TVs in the sky!"

This is my favorite picture of the day.

Putting on the gas!
Watching Tarzan! (I love his bright red Molar Man cape!)

Getting all numbed up.

He was such a trooper and did so well!  At the last appointment they gave us an option of conscious sedation or IV sedation.  This was the first time Marcus has had any sort of medical/dental work done at all and has never had to have any sedation... so we opted for oral conscious sedation in hopes that he would do well and we would not have to come back another day for the IV.  I'm so proud of our little buggy!  He did great!  Needless to say, his cavity is all filled, and he is doing great.  I'm hoping that he doesn't have to have more filled!  Keeps mommy and daddy on our toes about sticking to our bedtime and morning routines including brushing AND flossing!

Picking out a prize for being such a good kiddo!

When we left, the staff at Burg gave us another piece for Marcus' Molar Man costume...A Molar Man mask! Marcus was so happy... only, he started crying when we left.  He had such a good time, he wanted to go BACK to the dentist.  

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