Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fun St. Patricks Day!

We have been very blessed this move because Cooper and I both received very social callings at our church, so we have made lots of new friends!  Cooper has been called to be in the Sunday School presidency, so he helps coordinate all of the lessons and making sure each class has a teacher.  He gets to teach some Sundays too, so that is really fun for him.  I have been called in the Young Women's Presidency and I've had such a great time getting to know the sweet girls!

Anyway, this past weekend was a blast!  We went over to Lindsay's mom's house and had a pool party with some people from our church! It was really fun and the best way to spend a 87 degree day in MARCH!  {Hear that cold weather folks!  We went to an outdoor pool party... in MARCH.... It's STILL winter time! ;)}

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