Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Big Fat Georgian Adventure: days 2-5

Day 2: Christmas Eve
Every year my Dad's side of the family does a Christmas Eve dinner and present swap. We had yummy turkey, and went to the only Deseret Book in town and bought Lion House Rolls to eat. There was so much food and it was delicious!

Day 3: Christmas Day
We woke up early and Marcus opened all of his presents, and most of Astrid's too. We then went to my Grandma's on my mum's side and ate even more turkey! It was delicious. We visited a bit and then headed home to nap.

Day 4:
We went out to breakfast with my Aunt and Uncle, and had the most delicious pancakes. Cooper had a green chili eggs Benedict. Mmmmm.

e found out today that one of Marcus' toys that was going to keep him occupied was broken, so we went to return it and the store was all sold out across the state! I was so upset. We decided to try to return it at another store, and they were also sold out. We ended up driving across town to another Target and were able to exchange it for a working one there. (Can I say how much I LOVE Target recently!? They have AMAZING customer service!)

Day 5:
So, today we are starting our 24 hr. Drive to Georgia. Driving Denver to Tulsa, OK and should arrive this evening. Hopefully we can get into a place with a pool and accepts pets so we can get some energy out!

Anyway, I'm posting from my phone, so all my pics have to be at the end... So here ya go!

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