Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Is having us a blast!  I LOVE when its warm and we get to play, eat, live outside!  This is the first summer in our house that we have had our yard finished, and we have eaten outside almost every night we can!  It's so great!

A few Sundays ago, we had Cooper's cousin Jensen over for the night because he was leaving on an LDS mission later that week.  We also had our good friends The Statens over.  They have a sweet little boy named Connor who is just ADORIBLE!   Marcus and Connor played outside on the grass.  Marcus kept getting Connor to play Croquet with him!  It was so funny. :)

Marcus trying to get Connor to play Croquet.
Sweet Connor wondering what the heck Marcus is trying to get him to do! 
Sweet Silly Marcus... cute picture, so sad its so blurry!

Recently, we discovered the coolness that is Crayola's 3D chalk!  It is super fun!  We color with it all the time, and then put on the glasses and watch our creations pop!  It is SO COOL!  You need to go get some for your kiddos.  For real.  Stinkin' cool.

Notice the chalk on his forehead?!

While waiting for dinner to get done, Marcus and Connor decided to clean out one of our cabinets.  They had a great time doing so! :)

For dinner, we had these yummy recipes with DELISH sliced seedless watermelon and cornbread.  (Funny Fact:  I HATE watermelon when I'm not pregnant... but when I'm pregnant, it's divine!)

action shot! ;)

L to R: Jensen, Cooper, Paul and Annie

L to R: (Please don't mind the not so cute me!) Marcus, Melanie, Cooper,
Paul, Annie and Connor.

I love messy, eaten plates next to the sink when we have had friends over. :)  We did a good amount of damage on the food-- hardly any leftovers. 

For Dessert, we all made S'mores on our mini charcoal grill!  It was a fun adventure and we all smelled like campfire when we were done.  It was our first S'more session of the season... and it was quite a success!  We got the big JUMBO sized marshmallows, and while they were a blast to roast, I'm going to stick with the regular sized ones. :)  They are like, 3X the size of regular ones! While quite fun to roast, they take a LONG time to reach the perfect gooey in the middle, crispy brown on the outside consistancy... and when I'm making myself roasted marshmallows and s'mores... I want it much faster than it takes to roast one! haha!

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