Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday!

This year we were planning on driving to Denver to see my family, but Cooper had a big meeting at work, so we spent our first Easter at home.  It really was lots of fun!  We started out Saturday night by dyeing Easter Eggs.  This was the first year that Marcus was old enough to understand the concept, and the thought it was SO. COOL.

Marcus making Bunny Ears for the camera.

We put all of our freshly colored eggs in our Easter basket, and left out some carrots for the Easter Bunny to have a snack when he got to our house.  Marcus was so excited, he didn't want to go to bed that night.

On Sunday Morning, Marcus crept oh-so quietly into our room and tried SO HARD to be good and quiet while Mommy and Daddy were trying to catch the last few ZzZzZzZzZz's.  We all got up at about eight thirty and Marcus kept saying, "My eggs are gone!  The Easter Bunny hided them!  Let's go find them!" So we all got up and went egg-hunting.  Thankfully, it was nice and warm outside that morning and Marcus got to find all of the eggs hidden inside the house, and outside.  He ran around the yard yelling, "there is another one!" finding all of the eggs.

After our hunt, Marcus tore into his Easter Basket looking at all the fun goodies and yummy candies and treats that the Easter Bunny was so kind to bring. :)

After Church, we got to have dinner with Cooper's parents since they came into town, and his Sister!  It was so fun to have Marc, Stori, and Maddi over to eat with us!  They all raved about our yummy ham that we made.... maybe I'll have to share the recipe! :)  Look for it soon!

Sadly, my camera died and had to charge all through dinner.  I know Stori got some pictures, so I will have to see if she can get some for me to post!  This is the only one I got!  Our pretty Easter table! 

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  1. That IS a pretty Easter table! Marcus is so cute. Can't believe how big he is! I wish he and Audrey could be friends.


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